Behind the world of teas from TeaTales are Nina Schröder and Philipp Löwenstein. They met while studying abroad and soon realized they had something in common: the passion for tea drinking and travelling. At some point they decided to actually investigate the possibility to turn their passion into a job. They travelled around the world, participated in tea ceremonies, and got to know the tales of countless people who are passionate about their way of drinking tea. While Nina drank Mate teas in Argentina and fell in love with Green tea in Japan, Philipp travelled the Middle East to discover wonderdul tea creations based on black teas and herbs.
On the 13th of October 2012 they finalised their investigations, combined all their courage and expertise, and decided to turn their dream into reality. Shortly after that they travelled together through India, worked in wonderful tea gardens in Darjeeling, found potential future partners and made their idea of TeaTales more and more concrete. Revolutionizing and modernizing Tea drinking in Europe was the guiding idea!
The ingredients necessary for that idea became clear very soon: Unique, highest-quality and organic tea blends and a creative way to offer these teas to customers on a daily basis “to-stay” or “to-go”.
Fast-forward to today TeaTales has 23 different teas containing the best quality ingredients from all over the world. These teas are offered in an eye catching way to customers in lovely cafés or bakerys all over Germany.
Step by step, the team is growing and working together on fulfilling the ambition to be the tea brand that stands for THE TEA EXPERIENCE.

Until then, Drink more tea!