Matcha Latte

Put 1-2 gr. Queen Matcha pouder into a small bowl, add a shot of cold water, stir with the Chasen broom until it becomes creamy, then add 80 ml of hot water (80°C) and beat with Chasen broom until there is a covering foam on top.

You can enjoy your Matcha latte hot or ice cold. Incase of the latter just pour it over ice cubes.

We believe Organic Soy milk makes the ideal combination. Try it and find out with which kind of milk you love your Matcha Latte most.

With foamy milk the real Matcha Latte feeling is settling in!

And here you go: Your Matcha Latte is ready! Cold or hot, to-go or cozily at home – it’s your call!


And here you’ll get to the Matcha shopping!