EVERYTHING is possible: Miraculous tea, lifestyle and tradition

Green tea is green, as it grows in nature. It is greatly loved and its positive and healthy benefits are infamous. Traditionally consumed in Japan and China. The rich taste varies between sweet, herbaceous, fresh, slightly bitter, or even smoky. After harvesting, the green tea leaf is not fermented or oxidized like the black tea, yet steamed or roasted. Through this not only the green colour is preserved, yet also the valuable ingredients such as antioxidants and rich vitamins. It is a delicate tea, therefore we recommend it not to be brewed in boiling water, yet rather keep the water at 70-85°. That way the entire goodness of this wonderful kind of tea becomes part of you!


Organic Green Tea with pomegrante skin and goji berry


Organic Green Tea with mint and cardamon


Organic Japanese Matcha from Kagoshima